Charitable Donations through SLAGW

The Charitable arm of Sri Lanka Association of Washington DC (SLAWDC), Sri Lanka Association of Greater Washington (SLAGW) Support many recognized charities in Sri Lanka. Every year, we make a donation to one of these charities by pledging a certain amount. These funds are directly sent to the charity physically by one of the Sri Lanka Association Board member's or through a certified source such as Western Union or Direct Bank Transfers. In addition to this, SLAGW also support natural disaster recovery work and other charitable work.

If you would like to make charitable donations to any of these charities or to SLAGW, you can do so through Network For Good Donation website. All donations directly come to us and in-turn we distribute it to the charity you pledge the donation to.

Following are some SLAGW Approved charities which we have made charitable contributions to over the past decade. If you would like to know about all the donations we have made over the past decade. Please go to our "Contributions by SLAGW" Page.

Ceylon School of The Deaf & Blind, Ratmalana

Founded in 1912, Ceylon School of The Deaf & Blind is a residential institution, catering to impaired children in 3 schools, irrespective of race or religion. The school provides free board and education to the children most of whom come from very poor backgrounds and the largest expense is food as the children are served 3 main meals and evening tea each day, where the emphasis is on wholesome nutritious food.

Donate to this charity through "Network for Good" Website or "Google One Today".


HelpAge Sri Lanka

Helpage is an organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life of all senior citizens in Sri Lanka, irrespective of religion, caste or race. They have two decades of experience working with vulnerable senior citizens and providing health and eye care, training of volunteers for voluntary home care, youth education on understanding the needs of Elders. These housing projects are built with the objective of becoming selfsustaining communities. The Elders who attend Day Centers follow a program designed according to their specific needs which includes suitable daily exercise routine, recreation, income generation activities, religious activities, provision of medical services and advice etc., HelpAge also assists these organizations to register with the National Secretariat for Elders' as Senior Citizens Committees.


NEST, Hendala

NEST is an organization that offers rehabilitation and support services to people diagnosed with long-term illnesses such as AIDS, victims of drug abuse, mental illness, etc. Two main goals of NEST are: 1) to steer people away from prolonged institutionalization by bringing them in to the halfway home surrounded with peace, calm and tranquility and medications when deemed necessary. They are then taught life-skills, and reunited with family and the community; 2) to take a firm stand on denouncing stigmatization, as it plays a major role in the recovery process, and enhancing the quality of life.